Georgetown Municipal Court

Juror Information

Upcoming Jury Trials

Our next Jury Trial is scheduled for May 17, 2024. Here is a sample letter of the juror summons we send:

If you received a notice to appear for Jury Duty, and/or your notice does NOT look like the one pictured, it was sent by another court entity and you must contact that court for information.

Submitting Your Juror Reply Form

If you qualify to serve as a juror please remit your completed reply form as soon as possible:

  • Online Web Form: Here
  • Scan and email to:
  • Mail to:
    Georgetown Municipal Court
    PO Box 1424
    Georgetown, TX 78627
  • Return in person or via night drop box:
    510 West 9th St.
    Georgetown, TX 78626

Claiming a Legal Exemption

The backside of the reply form contains several legal exemptions which include:

  • you are over 75 years of age;
  • you have legal custody of a child or children younger than 12 years of age and service on the jury would require leaving the child or children without adequate supervision;
  • you are a student at a public or private high school;
  • you are enrolled and in actual attendance at an institution of higher education; class schedule required as proof;
  • you are an officer or an employee of the senate, the house of representatives, or any department, commission, board, office, or other agency in the legislative branch of state government;
  • you are the primary caretaker of a person who is unable to care for himself or herself. (This exemption does not apply to health care workers);
  • You are a member of the United States military forces serving on active duty and deployed to a location away from your home station and out of your county of residence.

Please be aware, You DO NOT have to claim an exemption and may instead choose to serve, if you are able, i.e. do not wish to claim an exemption for age, your class schedule allows you to serve on the day of trial, etc..
You must circle which exemption you are claiming and return the reply form to the Court as soon as possible. A legal exemption is an automatic disqualification from jury service and you do not need to confirm or contact the court.

Other Than Legal Reasons

If you cannot serve for jury duty and your reason is not a legal exemption as stated previously, you may submit your reason for the request along with any additional documentation as soon as possible through our web form here, in person, via mail, or via email to:
The Judge will review your request and the Court may require additional information from you. You will receive communication about whether or not your request has been granted.

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